Writing activity about weather first grade

Click on her button to see more visual plans! After we read a ton of picture books on clouds, created anchor charts about each type of cloud, and wrote about them, I handed out our brand new cloud books.

We created cumulus clouds out of shaving cream and glue!

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The rest of my Literacy Centers this week are also weather themed! They are just so beautiful!! This first one is a great mini-lesson on the three types of clouds.

First Grade Writing Worksheets

First up, you need a package of lightning and raindrops. I wish I took a video of the conversations as this was happening. I take inventory of the books the kids gravitate to the most. I love to make everything hands-on and exciting and math is one of my favorite subjects to do things that are really life-sized and interactive!

I like to keep things like this available for my kids to reinforce new vocabulary.

First Grade Weather & Seasons Worksheets and Printables

To practice reading words with short vowel sounds in them, we will play a quick word sort game. Then my students will pick out a picture and write a caption for it After we practice this skill, it will become a literacy center for the week.

And this does the trick! We then reviewed the three different types of clouds and ventured outside to go observe the clouds! Have I told you before that this is one of my most favorite thematic units to teach?!?!

You could do this for several weeks until everyone in the class has had a turn. I love that they had to use their new learning to figure out how the cotton balls needed to be styled to represent each type of cloud.

Here is a peek at what we will be covering: They really get into it! I also set out tens and ones clouds along with two place value dice.

These are all available in my Weather Activities Pack! Click HERE to download my visual plans! Display a map…a weather map would be even better!!!!

All About the Weather! (Activities, Ideas, & Freebies!)

Feel free to subscribe! My kids kept their reports in a folder inside their desks and we would add to it daily. Use the word thunderstorm in a sentence. We are still finishing the writing to go with this but once they are finished, I will share them with you!

After our mini lesson, we completed the project and hung them up! Each riddle has an envelope on the back of it with the answer in it. I want them to be as engaged and excited about learning as possible and teaching to their interests always does the trick.Weather Activities: experiments, crafts, writing, and more!

Preview. Subject. Science. Grade Levels. I completed all of these in my first grade class and my students LOVED them.

Not to mention, the parents were so excited that we did “so much Science!” 4/5(K). First Grade Writing; First Grade Science; Week 3: Weather! {Visual Lesson Plans} 3 Sep, 8 Comments. A Day In First Grade, First Grade, First Grade Science, For this activity I found a bunch of weather pictures and created a work mat for my students to use.

To begin the lesson I will display some pictures on my TV and we will. Explore Roz D's board "Weather Unit: First Grade" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Teaching science, School and Science ideas. Thunder and Lightning Adjective Writing First Grade Fanatics See more.

Weather: Cloudy with a Chance Grade Weather Unit This activity can be used with the book "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" to explain.

by Activity Center May 6, First Grade, First Grade Reading, Learning Games In this activity, your child will expand their vocabulary of adjectives using weather words.

Use the sentences and images to pick the correct word describing different types of weather. Weather Worksheet - Writing: Use words from the bank to write a short story about weather.

Information: weather vocabulary, weather names worksheet, kinds of weather, weather worksheet, identifying weather, classifying weather, describe the weather, writing about weather. First grade writing worksheets teach 1st graders how write simple sentences.

Use our first grade writing worksheets with your child. 1st Grade. Reading & Writing. writing. Dinosaur Writing Use this writing prompt activity to assess your first graders’ abilities to write informational texts.

Writing activity about weather first grade
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