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But coming of the Turks, the Mughals, the Arabs, the Mongols and the British for extending their empires or for trade depleted its resources to a great extent, and today, poverty is a harsh reality for a large section of the Indian population.

Our offices should work efficiently. Even prevalence of poverty is not uniform all across India. Education teaches the poor about their rights and may show them the path to become an important part in growth and expansion of the country.

As a result susceptibility to waterborne diseases peak among the poor. Malnutrition among adult also leads to poor health in adults that leaches their capacity for manual labour leading to a decrease in income due to weakness and diseases.

Poverty is a call to action to the poor people to earn enough money to eat, have access to education, get adequate shelter, wear needed clothes, and protection from the social and political violence.

Also, this process also puts duress on governments to intervene either positively or negatively to encourage businesses to foster job creation.

By Bijoy Basak Problem of Poverty Poverty is defines as inadequate supply of items that are essential to live a healthy and comfortable life.

Gramin Bank which offers loan or micro credit to the farmers and labors has been set up. Our population is growing rapidly. Free schooling must provided to poor. Finally, the objective of removal of poverty can be fulfilled if the poor themselves become conscious improve their education and capabilities, become organized and assert themselves.

A huge percentage of people in India depend on agriculture which is poor and cause poverty. It in fact forces people to stick to ancestoral jobs and prevents them from having job flexibility.

The initiatives taken to deal with the problem of urban poverty has not yielded the desired results. Poverty can be defined as a social phenomenon in which a section of the society is unable to fulfill even its basic necessities of life. Long and Short Essay on Poverty in English We have provided below various essay on poverty in order to help students.

Poverty Essay 6 words Introduction Poverty is a situation in which people remain deprived of basic necessities of life such as inadequacy of food, clothes, and shelter. Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana SGSY was launched in April to help the families below poverty line by providing financial assistance and technology arrangement.

As of Improvement of the Subsidy rates on commodities and Public Distribution system should be made. The machinery involved in poverty alleviation need to be accountable, sensitised and sincere. According to the latest estimates of the Planning Commission, while the percentage of rural BPL population has dropped to Besides, the government must aim at a strategy for the development of the social sector of which the key component should be population control, universal primary education, family welfare and job creation especially in rural areas.

Free high school education and an increased number of functioning health centers should be provided by the government. Now-a-days, essays or paragraphs writing are common strategy followed by the teachers in the schools and colleges in order to enhance the skill and knowledge of students about any topic.

Violence and crime rate — incidence of violence and crime have been found to be geographically coincident. Besides, a number of other programmes for poverty alleviation are being carried on by government-Central and State.

As a direct consequence of inflation, effective price of food, clothing items as well as real estate rises.Poverty and India Essay 9/5/13 Poverty and  Poverty in India million people around the world are living in hunger, million people are malnourished, about million children die each year from malnutrition and one-third of the world’s poverty is just in India.

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Words Essay on Poverty in India: A Big Challenge. Article shared by. Poverty is one of the major problems in India.

It is the root cause of many socio-economic problems including population explosion, unemployment, and child labour and rising graph of crimes. Essay on Extent of Poverty in India ; Free sample essay on Eradication of.

Writing an essay on poverty? Read this sample essay on poverty to see the root causes and some feasible solutions for fixing it/5(80).

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Poverty means not having enough money for basic needs such as food, drinking water, shelter, or toilets. Many people in different countries live in poverty, especially in developing areas of Africa, Latin America and some parts Asia. As the number of poor people in India go up to million, which is equivalent to about one-third of the world's poor population, Government of India have undertaken a large number of steps for reduction or abolition of poverty.

words short essay on Poverty This is the grim, spectacle of poverty. India is a poor country. We can see easily this picture of uneducated, hungry and poverty stricken people also in India.

Mass poverty is one of the important characteristics of the Indian economy. Short Essay on Manners; words descriptive essay on hobbies.

Simple essay on poverty in india
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