Short story rewrite a devoted son

The final role taken on by Rakesh is that of maturity and consideration. Rakesh works in the local city hospital and rises up to the rank of director, before eventually leaving to start up his own clinic.

He drives his parents in his new Ambassador to see his clinic, where the name plate on the door showcases all his many degrees and qualifications. Through fear of losing his father like he had his mother, Rakesh began controlling every aspect of Varmas life, such as his food intake, his interactions and his daily routine in general.

After a very trying illness, Rakesh decides that Varma is no longer to have fried foods or overly rich and sweet desserts. Under this punishing diet, Varma eventually becomes a truly sickened old man.

This symbolizes the power that Rakesh now held in the household. The need to speak openly about where consciousness is and how its dynamics have changed over time becomes a life lesson present in the narrative. This becomes a very important life lesson out of the story.

Soon after returning to India from the United States Rakesh was engaged to be married. The original question had to be edited. Rakesh has prescribed a diet of boiled foods for Varma, and the diet depresses Varma. Having retired and lost his wife, he becomes listless and falls ill.

This causes an inevitable collision between what is expected to be and what actually does exist between individuals. With cholera, typhoid, and gastroenteritis in the city, Rakesh forbids his entire family from Short story rewrite a devoted son sweets at the local bazaar, and that includes his own aged father.

The antagonism between father and son can be seen in a variety of ways. This marked the beginning of his ever changing role as apart of his family. He was no longer just the provider of the household but also the head of it too.

At the same time, he never contemplates that he needs to allow his son to live his own life either growing up or when Rakesh is fully grown. Varma tells old Bhatia that this is the way great doctors treat their fathers and implies that Rakesh shows no gratitude for all that Varma has done for him.

Although his father was still breathing, the signboard for the house no longer bore his name but rather his sons with all his qualifications written below, just like his clinic. Varma and his wife graciously accepted the new lifestyle supported by their son and took pride in the fact that they had raised him to be the near perfect doctor and son that he was.

The growth of Rakeshs new family and the passing of his mother marked his complete take over of the house which he grew up him. His new wife was a woman name Veena who had been chosen by his mother as the Indian tradition dictates.

One is left to think that if there had been an open and honest discussion between Rakesh and his father, an understanding between both of them could have been evident, averting the antagonism that is present between both at the end of the narrative.

In the final scene he at last listens to his father, despite what medicine his mind is telling him to administer, and he allows him to slip into the peace he had craved for far too long.

With a much lauded thesis, a scholarship, and a career at a prestigious hospital in the United States under his belt, Rakesh continues to be a faithful son. He was forced to take on a new role as once again the child because his son had taken over his role as the father.

Ashley Kannan Certified Educator The original question had to be edited. Although careless was never a word that could describe the man, becoming a father made him immensely more tense.

Rakesh ministers tenderly to his father, takes him his tea, reads and discusses the news with him, and persuades his father to take the evening air in the garden.

A Devoted Son Critical Analytical

Everyone is amazed at this son of illiterate parents: Rakesh took pride in his clinic and the sign above the door bore his name and qualifications establishing him as a man of power.

The story closes with Varma once more begging to be let alone to die.

What happens in Anita Desai's short story

Thanks for the question. Some accuse Varma of putting on airs, and some complain that pure ghee sweets should have been served at such an important occasion Varma begs Rakesh to just let him die.

Unfamiliar experiences force many individuals to accept new roles and challenges in life and this short story displays the many new roles that can be assumed and what the end result can be.

After years upon years of depending on his parents for monetary support it was his turn to show that his studies were not in vain. More Essay Examples on Family Rubric The first major change faced by the protagonist was his departure from where he grew up to the United States where he studied and practiced medicine.Get an answer for 'Why are the themes that emerge out of Desai's A Devoted Son representative of important thoughts about life?

' and find homework help for other A Devoted Son questions at eNotes. 'A Devoted Son' Short Story Ending Rewrite After completing another long day at his office, Rakesh walked towards his car in the parking lot looking forward to.

'A Devoted Son' Short Story Ending Rewrite After completing another long day at his office, Rakesh walked towards his car in the parking lot looking forward to going home even though he enjoyed his being at work as well.

He slipped into the drivers seat of the car and placed his bag on the passenger side before placing the key in the ignition. Hesitating, he turned to his bag and rummaged.

Analysis of 'A Devoted Son' By: Matthew Walker In this short story there are two main conflicts: The main conflict is between Rakesh and Varma (Man vs. Man). Rakesh's ways of caring for his father Varma causes Varma a great deal of misery. From Rakesh's poit of view, he is doing everything he can to just keep his father alive but his father.

Transcript of A Devoted Son by: Anita Desai. Short Story Seminar A Devoted Son" Once a man, twice a child" Table of Contents Introduction Plot Graph Themes Conflict Characterization Strengths of Story Social Commentary Conclusion Work Cited Introduction.

Life offers a multitude of new opportunities and challenges to individuals - A Devoted Son Critical Analytical introduction. A challenge such as taking on a new role with new responsibilities is an inevitable part of aging.

Encountering and surpassing new milestones often marks the start of a new chapter in ones life. In the short.

Short story rewrite a devoted son
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