Qantas case study strategic management

Recommendations It is recommended that Qantas proceed with outsourcing its maintenance, and improving its Internet strategy. Qantas must also provide the appropriate management focus and specialisation to this international expansion ensuring that cultural and regional complexities are managed effectively.

A more appropriate model to consider would be to license the Qantas data asset to experienced third party consulting firms, increasing the scale of return through recurrent licensing income and enabling diverse value creation without the increased overheads and capability development.

Conclusion The analysis as Qantas case study strategic management regarding the strategic analysis of Qantas revealed that the Qantas is the most popular airline based in Australia and it is rapidly seeking expansion to international markets.

Qantas plans to move some of its maintenance work overseas, a move that will cost the union jobs. Reasons include growth, market expansion, eliminate competitive threats, operational synergies, or to diversify Gaughan, At present, majority of the routes are served by Qantas which allows it in sustaining the leadership position in the industry.

While the global economic slowdown has not yet hit Australia as hard as it has the United States, the airline industry is especially sensitive to economic slowdown for three reasons. The model for most discount airlines, including rival Virgin Blue, is to sell tickets primarily online.

At the same time, the market conditions in Asia are creating opportunity with the liberalisation of the bilateral services agreement improving the competitive conditions between airlines Fu, X.

Qantas must be careful however of over diversification given their low to moderate level strategy. Opportunities have also been identified for further diversification into a vertically integrated travel insurance business.

Apart from aircrafts, the financial resources is also needed to perform alliances with other major airlines and all these requires effective support from the financial function of the organisation.

The company has several Qantas case study strategic management from which they derive competitive advantage. Strategic Topics to be Analysed This section of the report is aimed at performing strategic analysis of Qantas with specification of its corporate and business level strategy.

Not only the description of the strategy of Qantas is performed, but this section also includes an analysis of the functional level of the business that would allow for the effective execution of the strategy. Between the periods of tothe airline has developed various aircraft and inQantas carry passengers to international destinations for the first time.

Also, the Australian government has an impact in the current situation because of their distinct anti-union stance. The number of new entry airlines and star up companies related to the opening of the Asia market created a high volume of airlines that operate in a high competitive market.

The travel services group, now called Helloworld, continues to produce profit losses with declining revenue, having failed to capitalise on the benefits of vertical integration with Qantas and create additional value.

However a moderately unrelated level of diversification often outperform highly related business units which is why travel insurance has been identified as a strategic fit with the appropriate due diligence. In the freight business segment, Qantas should look to strengthen synergies in aircraft resources and logistics while pursuing further growth and market power through horizontal acquisition of compatible airline freight businesses.

Qantas in particular is affected by the current economic situation because a significant portion of their profits are derived from flights between Australia and the western United States. Finally the JetStar Group should consider a merger or acquisition to support its international strategy of expansion into the Asian regional airline markets Frazer, The major threat to the Qantas from such a deal between Etihad and Virgin is mainly because of the Qantas Sale Act as imposed by Foreign Investment Review Board which restricts the airline from competing with others.

The incidents have ranged from a torn fuselage as a result of an exploding oxygen tank to a dramatic loss of altitude resulting in several injuries. The role of these key areas in allowing Qantas in successfully executing its corporate level strategy of performing expansion is discussed as follows: There are no particular adverse social conditions facing Qantas at present.

Under this consideration, Qantas could reduce the economic risk that it could be generated by the uncertainty of fuel price in the future. Achieving operational efficiency through integrating simplicity in its business processes and also focuses on productivity at the same time.

Reducing the availability of tickets through other channels will help consumers to make the switch.

Strategic Management – Group report: Qantas case study analysis

As the Qantas Group grows it is critical that each business segment remains strongly aligned with the corporate vision and core brand values continuing to develop stakeholder value and strong return on investment for the entire group, not just profit for the segment Kenny, Qantas have also expanded focus on international long-haul development acquiring up to AirBus A aircraft to support growth over the next 10 to 15 years Qantas Airways Ltd, a.

The first is to cut Qantas case study strategic management costs by outsourcing overseas. Qantas, for example, has been slow to develop its Internet marketing techniques, allowing more technologically sophisticated competitor Virgin Blue to gain competitive advantage by undertaking a number of technology initiatives Travelmole, To remain highly committed towards the environment by focusing on environment protection initiatives Aulenbach, As indicated by Prahalad and Hamelevery organisation should have certain core competence area that would allow it in achieving competitive advantage over others and also ensure the sustenance of the firm in the turbulent situations.

Establishing a majority shareholding in Jetstar Asia with base in Singapore, and gain competition in a market with many start-up airlines Whyte, R, Lohmann, G,p They have limited legal recourse under Australian law but they drive labor costs higher and their poor attitude is a potential cause of the recent mechanical issues.

Synergies must continue to be assessed and developed as each segment evolves to maximise value creation. Qantas should review its network and schedules to re-assign aircraft according to performance maximization.

Red Planet was created in early as a subsidiary business to Qantas Loyalty analytical consulting services Qantas Airways Ltd, c. Most airlines have complex pricing structures designed to maximize revenue by changing the price of a given seat based on time, unsold capacity and a number of other variables Devlin, The company has strong relationships with other airlines around the world and can conduct a significant amount of maintenance in other nations, utilizing the services of other carriers.

The finance function has a significant role to play in allowing Qantas in successfully executing its strategy of international expansion.Human Resource Case Study -> Qantas.

STUDY. PLAY. Role of human resource management • strategic role of human resources • interdependence with other key business functions • outsourcing • human resource functions Feedback must be provided to Qantas management to ascertain how their HR program is working and.

This report examines Qantas competitive, business-level, corporate-level and international strategies to establishing the theoretical strategic management foundations to Qantas current situation.

The report provides recommendations based on Qantas current context identifying appropriate strategic management principles that can be. Case study B.

QANTAS AiRliNES By Dr Quamrul Alam,l Monash University BACKGROUND The airline industry in Australia has encountered major changes in its operating environment/5(2).

Qantas case study Combining CRM and Big Data to drive Loyalty Vaughan Chandler, Head of Customer Insights at Qantas, shared their.

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