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The secret of happy life, without wars and violence, and anthropogenic disasters is quite simple. This novel presents the Caribbean character as the antagonist. This development had given certain honor for the Europeans to feel proud or even over-proud of themselves.

Basically Edward Said criticizes the dichotomy between the West and the East. The big question is, do we, the intellectuals, use our power to dominate like the West, or to articulate the silence of the marginal, the East?

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For the first time in several years after the accident, Sully could the his nerve system to move a pair of legs to stand up, to walk, to run to wide vast field of Pandora, even to jump and leap into the breezing blue horizon.

Everything Paper on movie avatar so brand new and never been known before. Such inferior identity is over and over again being dictated to the Orient so that they might have no passion to move forward.

Camera angle brings us to the eye level of normal human beings, seeing mercenaries as huge as gigantic dinosaurs. Technology in Western world does not only mean as tools to make life easier. In fact, one of the biggest incomes comes from movie industry.

Prentice Hall, Gandhi, Leela. Earth without forests, fresh water, natural resources can become a real result of human deeds today. Another example might come from a Caribbean teacher who wants to teach about Jane Eyre in a literary class. In fact, narrative survives globally together with our culture.

The film director created a realistic model of what possibly can wait for us in future. The term narration is sometimes reserved for the process of telling stories, as distinct from the product of the activity, the narrative proper.

In order to maintain the balance in the students mind, study on Jane Eyre is accommodated by the presence of Wide Sargasso Sea. He warned everybody to stay away from the savageness of Pandora.

Harmony with environment, each other, and first of all with oneself. The plot started to change.

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Pandora began to be presented as something gorgeously beautiful. But soon Jake changes his mind.

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In his mind, human technology meant salvation, while savageness brought doom. Narrative presents a form of illusion and joy for the audience, so that unconsciously it can provoke us with hidden values.

This shift was also reflected in the way human and humanoid should relate with the nature around. Whenever the Europeans arrived, they quickly colonized the Orient.

Shift of paradigm also happened in the way we perceive authority in life. Allen and Unwin, A hybrid human-alien called an Avatar is created to facilitate communication with the indigenous Na'vis from the planet Pandora and pave the way for large-scale mining of the planet.

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A Literary Analysis on Movie. Gracia Sudargo, S.S., Liberal Arts Department. This paper will present about some relevant and prominent issues dealing with postcolonialism in Avatar movie. As a prologue, the theories of postcolonialism and its function in literature critic will be discussed.

Paper on movie avatar
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