Overachievers by alexandra robbins

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I would definitely recommend this book to all high school students today especially juniors and seniors who are looking for an easy-to-read book to relate to.

Instead of taking herself so seriously and worrying so much about her image, she adopts the mantra "my life is a joke" and thus becomes immune to awkward situations. This book has helped me constantly remind myself that grades are not an accurate judgment of what the potential an average student like I may have, and that school is just an environment to learn and grow.

However, Robbins exhibits a crucial theme in her book: The Overachievers is an enticing story which combines the conflicts of both man vs. This was especially powerful, I think, because she wrote it as a story, meaning that there was substance, suspense and progression in a way which is rarely seen in pieces similar to this.

It specifically examines the belief that being successful depends on attaining the perfect GPA and being accepted by the "right" college. Julie finally relaxes when she arrives at Dartmouth College. As a high school student, he had to deal with horrifying parental pressure to succeed and to come out on the top.

He is important to the novel because he shows that the lack of time and energy required to live up to these expectations, both shared by the students and their parents, is a product of the pressure of trying to live up to societal standards.

After crafting it, she leaves it in the physics classroom, only to discover later that it is gone. Few authors have written with such clarity and poignancy about the teen experience today. Her teacher gives her an A, but Audrey still wants first place in the competition.

She often hides her intelligence from her "popular" friends, knowing that they will judge her for re-taking the SAT when she got a [including a perfect score on the math section] on her first try. Julie is a self-driven overachiever who runs cross country.

This has made it into my Top Five. If you feel as though you always have to be the best, you should read this. Taylor is popular, but she is also friends with the "smart kids" and frequently has trouble balancing these two worlds.

She occasionally interrupts to address issues that affect one of the teens and explains its negative effect on an international scale. She works vigorously often on weekends on a physics project consisting of building a bridge out of toothpicks that can hold a certain amount of weight.

Rather than earning grades for learning, students are obtaining artificial grades through cheating, and even resorting to non-prescribed medications to facilitate their study habits in order to get into their dream college. Robbins provides a series of critiques of the system, including college rankings, parental pressure, the meaninglessness of standardized testing and the push for A.

Other overachievers compete to maintain a meticulous academic record in order to be accepted into a prestigious university. This was possibly one of the best books I have ever read. High school students Recommended to Sharon by: You have to be the most athletic, you have to be able to have the most fun, you have to be the prettiest, the best dressed, the nicest, the most wanted.

And most of all, you have to appear to be happy.*Twitter @AlexndraRobbins *Insta @authoralexandrarobbins--Alexandra Robbins, an award-winning journalist and speaker, is the author of five New York Times bestselling books, including Goodreads' BEST NONFICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR.

Her latest book, a fascinating page-turner that follows fraternity brothers for a year, will publish Jan. 29. The Overachievers or The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids is a non-fiction book written by Alexandra mint-body.com the example of some American teenagers, it centers upon overachievement in high school, emphasizing its negative effect in modern American society.

It specifically examines the belief that being successful depends on Author: Alexandra Robbins. Aug 06,  · Then I read “The Overachievers,” which is almost nothing but college talk. Alexandra Robbins profiles eight students at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Md., in-depth over three semesters.

Amazon BN Indiebound ibook "You can't just be the smartest. You have to be the most athletic, you have to be able to have the most fun, you have to be the prettiest, the best dressed, the nicest, the most wanted.

You have to constantly be out on the town partying, and then you have to get straight As. And most of all, you have to appear to be happy.". Alexandra and her work have been featured in/on outlets such as: Alexandra Robbins LINKS Books Speaking Media About Contact MORE INFO Students Nurses Sororities Skull and Bones Quarterlife Crisis Fraternities FOLLOW US Instagram g.

The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, a nonfiction work by Alexandra Robbins, is a book I chose to read because it was a requirement for our English Honors class.

Students usually groan at the thought of reading a book because it is a school requirement, but I found The Overachievers to be quite an interesting read/5.

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Overachievers by alexandra robbins
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