Nivea family brand essay

Nivea is quite successful in satisfying and retaining old customers.

NIVEA. What makes the Brand so successful?

Fewer than two determinant buyer decisions will change which is attitude of others where people discourage you to pursue your choice and unexpected situational factors meaning.

Lastly, if he is satisfied and this meets his expectations, there is higher chance that he will purchase NIVEA Roll-on again. It is a low involvement yet significant brand differences.

Consumers see Nivea as a quality trade name. When there is a growth in demand for deodorant, Nivea family brand essay presents an opportunity for the company to grow its sales.

Firstly the Asian market is analyzed to be an attractive market for the product. With the growing success of NIVEA, this would create additional demand for its products which would mean more sales, as more retailers become interested in carrying its products.

These messages also connects well with Nivea products which usually sell cream. Furthermore, for labeling they still kept their English language name of products such as Nivea sparkling white or Nivea Men in order to maintain the consumer perception and make the consumer believe that this is a Western brand and might looked like it is being imported from overseas even though it is being created in Indonesia under license of Nivea Company to reduce production costs.

The cyclist teammate uses deodorant to prevent bad odour and maintain freshness. The analysis of the external environment might expose certain novel opportunities for growth and profit. The targeted age group consists of individuals which are students from high school and also college students which are looking for products which does not cost too much as they are majority unemployed.

Nivea Marketing Strategy Essay Sample 1. NIVEA is a global skin and body-care brand that means to hold a unique position. It was found that NIVEA positioned its product to be low price, affordable, but also good value for money to this market segment.

Making this change in the brand image presents a opportunity to the company. This is where people who undergo same life experience and shared values together. Finally, the last targeted market is the male market.

The merchandises were packaged in fashionable containers made with deep-blue chromaticities that resonated with the Nivea Creme packaging. Introduction In Malaysia the weather is always hot like summer, and therefore most people do experience body odour.

Hence the company will have to commission a marketing agency to do this. They also promote their products in http: He would upgrade his deodorant brand when he has a better income. Besides that, its advertisement seems to focus more on women. They are strongly focused on career and social success and generally appreciate a well-groomed and fashionable appearance with a higher status.

The deodorant market is in the growth, progressing to maturity stage.

Nivea Family Brand Essay

Nivea is a mass market cosmetics and is known to be having a good brand, image and value. The male market is considered an important targeted segment as it is composed of the attractive segment in the market.

Nivea has been doing the first water-in-oil emulsion that is a dependable top merchandising merchandise. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.NIVEA.

What makes the Brand so successful? - Tugba Seckin - Essay - Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay. However, Nivea, a nearly year-old brand, found itself in need of a makeover to evolve its strongly entrenched brand image of being a mild, reliable family product.

Nivea is a global brand with a wide assortment of products catering to the full spectrum of consumer segments 2. Identify the brand associations (individual brands under the family umbrella) for the following 3 sub brands: Visage, Vital, Beaute.

Case Nivea Essay. Submitted by: wooody on April 17, This helped Nivea convey the message that Nivea skin cream was for the entire family. Its brand image has transcended the decades with the help of a foundation built upon advertising that stresses family relationships and values.

In the s, Nivea had to defend itself against true. Essay on Nivea Case Study The Nivea brand has managed to maintain a positive brand image. With consumers, the Nivea products has been identified as a “caretaker” of skin.

As early as the Twenties, the NIVEA brand was associated with youth, freshness and leisure in the sun and in nature. They made their advertisements and lively by using young, attractive and fit women tanning herself in the sun. Brand Management Essay time for all the members of the family which good – value, straight forward.

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Nivea family brand essay
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