Natural calamities of bangladesh

Epidemic and famine break out to add to the misery and suffering of the flood affected people. It is the most devastating one of all natural calamities.

During the last few years, several devastating cyclones hit Bangladesh. Then there are epidemics in the wake of floods and other such natural calamities.

Flood causes huge loss of life and property. All these are our culture and cultural traits. It moves at a high speed ranging from forty to more than hundred kilometres per hour.

Our Bangladeshi culture is mostly affected because of cultural assault of other countries. Most of the districts in the southwest of Bangladesh had been inundated violently. Drought causes serious harm to our crops and trees.

Besides, our eating habits are also being changed. Moreover, the affected people and domestic livestock can be easily shifted to a safer place during flood and cyclone. However, to get rid of the invasion of alien culture, we should be very much strict to exercise our own culture and flourish our cultural elements.

We have jari, sari, kobi, bhatiali, polligeeti, Lalongeeti, Nazrulgeeti, Rabindrasangeet, marufoti, swariati, murshidi and local jatrapala. The sufferings of the flood affected people know no bound. Many people die from hunger.

They cause terrible destruction people suffer greatly for want of food and pure drinking water. Drought cause fall in the production of foodgrains. Flood has become almost common in this land.

An adverse effect of satellites Culture stands for the pre-determined notions, norms, values, beliefs, customs, conventions, music, language and ways of behaviour of persons living in a particular zone.

Of course these tidal bores affect the coastal districts. Various types of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid break out. Some effective measures should be taken by the govt. Our dress pattern especially for teenagers and young generation has altered a lot. An efficient measure should also be taken to mitigate the sufferings of the flood victims.

Bangladesh is widely known as a land of natural calamities. The prime natural disasters of this country are flood, storm, cyclone, drought and famine. It hits catastrophically the people of the country in many ways.

We have our own food habits like rice and fish as well as ways of eating. It make life miserable from all considerations. It takes a serious turn in the monsoon. Sudden on rush of high walls of water washes away everything of the affected area.

It causes sudden increase of water in the rivers and canals which overflow their banks and cause flood. So, steps should be taken to prevent their destructive effect for the greater interest of the country. The nor-wester lashes this land generally in the months of chaitra and Baisak.

Then there are the danagers of the tidal bores. It does not stand still and it varies from society to society, country to country and time to time. Besides, a quick relief, medical treatment and essential medicines should be supplied among the affected people.

Due to heavy rain, most of the rivers overflow their banks and thus cause flood.Globally bangladesh: bangladesh is a natural calamities to the risk of lives.

I ii natural disasters. Importance of bangladesh scenario essay competition on entitlement and research paper of all natural calamities essay.

Bangladesh is called the land of natural calamities. The prime natural disasters of this country are flood, storm, cyclone, drought and famine. Natural Calamities Of Bangladesh ´╗┐Introduction A natural calamities is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples include floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes.

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A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard. Bangladesh, a country in southern Asia that is home to million people, is widely known as a land of natural disasters.

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. But it is also a country which experiences atural calamities of all kinds almost every year. Reasons: The geographical position of Bangladesh is such that it is located in the monsoon region and the natural calamities are due to her physical features.

Natural calamities of bangladesh
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