Narrative essays about first day at college

I had some very strange experiences on the first day of my college life. My first class was at 9: Let me tell you what actually happened after I entered the college campus.

When I was getting ready at home, I was excited and anxious, but as I was driving down the road, I began to get nervous. But everyone was so occupied with their activities, I did not have the audacity to disturb them.

I was most curiously awaiting the day when I would start my college life.

Everyone was mingling, goofing around, and was having a good time, they seemed happy about their first day there. Useful Links Need help with essay? Professors do not rebuke the students if they fail to learn their lessons.

Will I perform well in the class? This is where our experts proved to be most effective. Eventually my first day was one of the most memorable days of my life. The skies were blue, the sun was shining bright, and the birds were singing. I started walking down the hallway.

I felt excited but at the same time I was so nervous, because it was my first day at Wallace State Community College. I learned that every freshman in the college rides in the same boat and counters the same situation.

It was big and painted in red and white. When we began our classes, all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. You may be very good at drafting charts and tables. This was the first time when I had left my family for such a prolonged period.

I really enjoyed that day because everybody I talked to were people who were going to study English with me, so we shared the same interest.

When my host family dropped me at the gates of the college, fear and angst started to crawl in every portion of my body. After that, we spent the rest of the day together until we had to go home.

Introduction — My first day at college — New atmosphere — Conclusion. It will be a description of your personal feelings, emotions, thoughts and attitudes. Like any other freshman of the college, I was about to face a greatest transition in my life.

I had mixed emotions about this situation.

At last the longed for day came in. After taking the anticipated turn, I landed in front of my class. So my heart was thrusting against the chest. But my friend Andrea was always the I attended the classes.

I noted down the time-table of my class from the notice board. So I thought I would ask someone. I was scared that there was going to be a horrific accident on the busy interstate and that I would be late on my first day.

I was welcomed by a big bunch of friendly faces of my fellow classmates. Your first day at college and your very first impression how it did or did not transform with further studying.My First Day at College and the Friends I met Essay; Essay on My First Semester of College Words | 5 Pages.

My First Semester of College When I first enrolled in this course I thought it would be a good chance for me to meet new people with an interest in ballet, but I never thought that it would have a larger impact on myself.


A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics About Your First Day At College

Jul 08,  · Get access to My First Day Of College Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at. A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics About Your First Day At College If you need to write a narrative essay, you need to write a story about your own experience.

It will be a description of your personal feelings, emotions, thoughts and attitudes. MY FIRST DAY IN THE UNIVERSITY (NARRATIVE ESSAY) On my first day at University I could not locate where the cafeteria was. I also entered the lecture theatre of those students doing Masters degree. All of them looked at me with interest because among all, I was the youngest.

what college is best for you. 28 de septiembre de. PERSONAL NARRATIVE/COLLEGE ESSAY SAMPLES NAME:_____ PROFESSIONAL EXAMPLE #1 Dishing Dirt By Emily White The day I hear the rumor I am 14 years old, enclosed in a bathroom stall. My First Day At College Tamarkis Taylor September 1, In conclusion, my first day of college turned out to be okay.

I went from being excited and anxious, to nervous, and then to calm when I realized that everything was good.

I like this essay; your first day was sure better than mine! Your ending, as others said, was a little.

Narrative essays about first day at college
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