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He wore the blue shirt, open at the neck, and the grey canvas trousers, not as though they belonged to him, but as though, shipwrecked in his pyjamas, he had been fitted out with odd garments by compassionate strangers. From where he lay he had been able to see those two great rocks called the Faraglioni which stand out of the sea.

And what will happen at the end of that twenty-five years, fifteen of which have already passed, asks the narrator; many men die by sixty, but many do not.

I would like to know the plot of the short story entitled

There was nothing about him that was not ordinary. He liked people, but with an aloofness that prevented intimacy. Next morning when Assunta came to make his breakfast she found him insensible but still alive. Perhaps he died of the beauty of that sight. Wilson would not have a cigar, but lit his pipe.

He had endured that life for six years. We three gossiped for a while, for there is always a Lotus eater somerset maugham of one sort or another in Capri to make a topic of conversation, but nothing was said of particular interest and in a little while Wilson got up and left us.

Very few people know where to look for happiness; fewer still find it. It was difficult to know whether he understood or not. Wilson, his annuity exhausted, had first sold all that he owned; then he had relied on his excellent credit to borrow sums of the islanders to sustain himself; but at the end of a year after the expiration of his annuity, he could no longer even borrow.

He was not affronted if he was neglected. Wilson shook hands with me politely, but with indifference; a great many strangers come to Capri for a few days, or a few weeks; and I had no doubt he was constantly meeting people who came and went; and then my friend asked him to come along and have a drink with us.

I wanted to go back and live on Capri for the rest of my life. He comes across as a commonplace man of average intelligence. Not much chance for a girl with only one leg.

He bathed; he walked a great deal, and he seemed never to lose his sense of the beauty of the island which he knew so intimately; he played the piano and he played patience; he read.

He had not had to make any decisions. The ten years he had before him when I made his acquaintance must have elapsed long ago.

I did not want to do the same work for the rest of my life. No one, looking at that neat, prim face, could have thought him capable of an unconventional action. He lives out the remainder of his years in the woodshed of his peasant former landlord, carrying water and feeding the animals.

He had made a decision that very few people make. Twenty-five years seemed a long time to me, and twenty-five years of happiness seemed worth paying something pretty substantial for.

He was standing up, a pipe in his mouth, and he wore nothing but a pair or trunks.“The Lotus Eater”: An analysis by Sommerset Maugham. Background • Lotus eater – a person who lives an idle, comfortable life, does not think/care very much about anything.

• Setting - On the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. The places mentioned are the small, comfortable cottage Wilson lives in before the age of 60 as well as the. What is a good analysis of the short story "The Lotus Eater" by W.

Explain the character of Thomas Wilsom in Somerset Maugham's

Somerset Maugham? What are the settings of the short story "The Lotus Eater" by W. Somerset Maugham? What is the summary of Lotus Eater by Somerset Maugham in detail? What is the significance of the title Lotus Eater by. The Lotus Eater by Somerset Maugham is a story about the pursuit of happiness.

It tells of a man who quits his job, sells all of his possessions, and with a bit of savings decides to move to the island of Capri, Italy, to spend the rest of his life there, living a life of leisure/5. Get an answer for 'Explain the character of Thomas Wilsom in Somerset Maugham's "The Lotus Eater."' and find homework help for other The Lotus Eater questions at eNotes.

The Lotus Eater is a short story written by Somerset Maugham in The story is set in and is of a man Thomas Wilson who comes to the island of Capri in Italy for a holiday.

The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham. Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size. Most people, the vast majority in fact, lead the lives that circumstances have thrust upon them, and though some repine, looking upon themselves as round pegs in square holes, and think that if things had been different they might have made a much better showing.

Lotus eater somerset maugham
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