Fobe320 case study

The submission must provide substantial value from a global business perspective. Other Recommended Reading Students need to be familiar with accessing academic sources from the library. Textbook There is no prescribed textbook for this unit. Students are expected to actively engage in their learning and work with their lecturers, tutors and fellow students to achieve these learning outcomes.

The examples may showcase ethical and sustainable choices, or they may highlight areas for improvement. Critically reflect on experience in an international organisation to identify areas of key learning. The first seminar for students on international placements is in Week 2.

Fobe320 case study unit guide will indicate the relationship between the assessment tasks and program learning outcomes.

Recognition of Prior Learning Macquarie University may recognise prior formal, informal and non-formal learning for the purpose of granting credit towards, or admission into, a program. Two separate seminar schedules are provided below.

Lectures may also be video captured. Unit Schedule Below is the schedule for the four seminars. The student also evaluates their performance based on their development goals. Encourages group work and develops team skills. Assessment tasks across the BGlobalBus may include the following: The first seminar for students engaged in local business projects is in Week 1.

All units in the program are supported by an online environment that provides access to resources such as lecture notes and recordings, readings, quizzes, discussion forums and assessment materials, and that facilitates communication between teaching staff and students.

Graduate Destinations and Employability. Academic staff are available for individual or small group consultations either in person or through a variety of online formats. Stakeholder perspectives are considered, and students make recommendations for improving practice. The best examples may be selected for use with permission in future offerings of FOBE In addition to formal workshop sessions under the direct instruction of a lecturer or tutor, students are able to access the labs to practice skills and to complete assessment tasks in their own time.

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Students are expected to complete all assessment tasks for this subject. The learning outcomes associated with individual units in the BGlobalBus have been aligned with program level learning outcomes and the Macquarie University graduate capabilities.

Students should be able to access research databases through the library. Delivery and Resources Class Timetable The class is run in internal mode. Learning styles used in the BGlobalBus may include:To provide an answer to this question, the researchers conducted an online survey and develop a Customer Centric E-Business (CCEB) System Model, using China ShenZhen Airlines as a case study.

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The work in this paper is organised as follows: Introduction; Section 1: Research Goals, Literature Review, Research Methods, Original Contribution, and. • Case studies, which provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to real or simulated scenarios in individual or group situations.

Alternatively, FOBE 'Global Business Corporate Engagement' requires students (in teams) to complete a major project in international business for an industry partner and takes the form of.

View Kirk Buckley’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Lecturer, assisted in developing the major assignment and provided feedback and coaching to students for two units of study - BUS and FOBE including business case development, system configuration, hardware integration, internal communications Title: Senior Marketing Manager at.

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The Central Problems of an Economy The Central Problems of an Economy: Scarcity and Choice Economics is the branch of social science which studies the human wants and their wants are unlimited and resources to satisfy these wants are limited.

The problem of allocating the scarce resources to satisfy the infinite wants is the central economic problem. FOBE – Global Business Corporate Engagement – S2 Day FOBE Global Business Corporate Engagement. students are required to complete the placement or case study project as agreed with their host organisation, and submit the assessment tasks for the unit.

The best examples may be selected for use (with permission) in future.

Fobe320 case study
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