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Poem In the call of a forest bird, the listener discerns the theme of diminishment. Because humans are capable of modifying their social norms, they run the risk of damaging specifically human ideas and feelings when they adopt the modes of social insects.

The fact that death is common does not, for humans, negate its profundity. Rooted in the countryside, his writing focuses on simple things and people.

Unlike ants, who do it instinctively, human beings have to learn to be efficient and impersonal. The reader surmises that the two really do love—or at least have loved—each other and that the difficulties between them have resulted not from willful malice but from clashes of temperament and different training.

The poem consists of fifty-nine easily flowing blank verse lines. Instead, he compares the conditions of human and tree.

Frost also enforces his theme rhythmically. Frost has created a richly mysterious reading experience out of a marvelous economy of means. Having learned to hide his feelings, he is unable to express them in a way recognizable to his wife, with her different emotional orientation.

Why did the killing take place on a white flower, what brought the spider and moth together, and was the event part of a sinister design?

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Part of maturity is coming to understand and articulate the profundity of early experience. Frost showed that ordinary people could inhabit a poem, could talk and argue and move convincingly within a medium that William Shakespeare and John Milton in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries had tended to reserve for aristocrats and angels.

In the middle of summer, this bird reminds one of the fall specifically the petal fall that is already past and of the fall to come. A few dissidents might have argued that God was malign or that the devil had gained control, but even they would take for granted a designing intelligence.

The woods can be a place for restoration of the spirit through vigorous activity and communion with nature, the locus of deep and sometimes sinister psychic forces, or a happy hunting ground for analogies of the human condition generally.

Frost reinforces his theme by using a proportion of diminishment: It was axiomatic with Frost to convey inner seriousness with outer humor. Whatever continues, continues to diminish, but while the process continues, something always remains.

Everything is routine, designated behavior and prescribed ritual. It is playful, full of clever rhymes, and closely observant of a natural scene that mirrors aspects of human life.

The only regular quatrain the sort of rhyming unit one expects to find in a sonnet three times before the couplet is the four lines that fall at the end.

These poems convey a number of themes and even more attitudes. Not all the possible suggestions of a word or image are necessarily applicable in a given context.

He noted that many casual utterances of the people among whom he lived fell into a basically iambic rhythm: He used language with the same economy and precision his characters display in their use of the scythe, the axe, and the pitchfork.- The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost In Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," (reprinted in Laurence Perrine and Thomas R.

Arp, Sound and Senses, 8th ed. [San Diego: Harcourt, ] 23) the speaker stands in the woods, considering a fork in the road.

Both ways are equally worn, and equally overlaid with un-trodden leaves.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost In Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," (reprinted in Laurence Perrine and Thomas R. Arp, Sound and Senses, 8th ed. [San Diego: Harcourt, ] 23) the speaker stands in the woods, considering a fork in the road.

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The poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about one of those special moments where one choice will change the course of one person’s life. We believes that depending on the road a person chooses, their life will turn out for better off for worse.

“The Road Not Taken” First published: (collected in Mountain Interval, ) Type of work: Poem A traveler through life reflects on a past choice of route “that has made all the difference.” The first poem in Frost’s book Mountain Interval, “The Road Not Taken,” has long been a popular favorite.

Like many of his poems, it seems simple, but it is not. Get an answer for 'I have to write an essay analyzing The Road Not Taken by Robert is due this friday!

Thank You!!!' and find homework help for other The Road Not Taken questions at eNotes. The Road Not Taken Essay Sample. A Literary Analysis of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” The Road not Taken if one of the most popular poems of Robert Frost. The poem describes a person, who chooses between two roads and reflects about his choice later.

Essays on robert frost the road not taken
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