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In addition cosmetic contact lenses have been designed to change the appearance and the color of the eye. By creating a generation of genetically similar people, the human species loses its ability to adapt to changing environments.

Gender can be changed by this technology thus, it can be clearly noticed that more serious changes may happen to humans by designer babies. In the long term, the number of humans will decrease. This process will also affect the "designed baby" emotionally for the child may think they are not real in the sense that they were created for selfish purposes.

Designer babies

Thus, it Essays on designer babies be more challenging and difficulty for poor people to get out of the rat race as they need to possess higher intelligence and greater abilities to overcome the power class of the designer babies.

Dark black Americans experience many general Essays on designer babies perceptions by society, Such as unfair treatment by police and being treated as less smart.

By creating a generation of similar people, the human species loses its ability to adapt to changing environments. The parents who wanted the blue eyed, dark haired daughter may have accidently passed up a sweet tempered blonde haired son. The thought of imperfection is now a burden to society and no one is accepted for the person nature created.

You know, if we can have that chance, why not take it?

I think that would be a wonderful experience. The evolution of environment has spanned about two million years and has resulted in the types of people we see today, people who have imperfections and people who are very different from one another.

However, they believe that the ideal family should have a boy as the oldest. Furthermore, on a surgeon from New Zealand called Harold Gillies carried out the first female-male sex reassignment surgery Roach.

Additionally, once those changes are made, they cannot be retracted because, they last forever in human genetic heritage.

There are no surprises, no set backs, just this steady ongoing nothingness forming a society where there is no more emotions. Perhaps that idea began since BC when ancient Egyptians and Greeks used cosmetics like eyeliner and lipstick to change their appearance and look better.

The idea of knowing what ones child will look like when it grows up defeats the whole purpose of life itself. Human features are represented in human genes. Thus, designer babies should be banned in the future because they will have major issues regarding the human nature characteristics such as changes in racial heritage, affecting genders equity and changing the human species.

It would be like looking at the world through dark sunglasses, changing the way we view ourselves and the lives of other people every day, creating a black and white colored world that in which we live. Painting a picture of who we become and the very mold of the person we grow up to be.

Perfection is not true, because no one is perfect. Societies have different perspectives about the functions of each gender. Not being able to choose hair and eye color is like taking away that persons right as an individual, freedom of choice.

It refers to the concept of isolating human embryos from willing donors, and allowing individuals to select from those embryos based on whichever ones have the most desirable genes or traits. Designer babies can change essential features of humane racial heritage.

The child lives a shameful life. In other societies, such as the American society, surveys showed that the number of families who want female or male babies is equal.

Hypothetically, a couple might choose a female embryo with blue eyes, dark hair, and a minimal chance of disease, and get a healthy daughter who is blue eyed with dark hair who also had a terrible mean personality.

The study shows that some cultures value male children more than females, which is currently affecting the evenness of genders in these countries. Parents are now given the option of altering the lives, and appearances of their children, before they are conceived.

The child is artificial and unnatural. I find my existence to be not as real or as wanted as others who were conceived naturally with both loving parents and even the idea of other loving parents adopting their children.

As a result, new creatures are going to be represented as having supernatural powers. The idea of designer babies is currently a huge debate. Our existence is a storyDesigner Babies This Research Paper Designer Babies and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 4, • Research Paper • 1, Words (8 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

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Designer Babies

Designer babies could lead to the further division of the socioeconomic strata. Designer babies are another way to define humans giving birth to robots that they consider their children.

Popular Essays. Genetically engineered babies also known as “Designer Babies” are children that are modified to your wants and desirer in what you want your child to look like.

Typically women only use this procedure if they are infertile. The women decide what hair, eye color, or gender the baby is by doing. Designer Babies Essay Designer babies: Its effects on the future Parents all have the tendency to want what is best for their children so that they can be in a perfect condition.

Designer babies have become a popular topic today. Designer Babies Designer Babies is a very controversial topic in regard to the moralities involved.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (designer baby) refers to the genetic structure being modified prior to the implantation or even prior the fertilization of the embryo.

Essays on designer babies
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