Essay on saving the ailing earth from vehicular pollution

Use of alternate fuels Vehicles must be installed with engines that are fuelled by hydrogen, ethanol, methanol and natural gas. Let us nowin shortdiscuss the major causes of pollution and its prevention.

This is going to be a biggest event in India, with nonstop journey to Indian cities covering But in urban areas both developing and developed countries, it is predominately mobile or vehicular pollution that contributes to air quality problem.

Following steps can be taken by the state and even individuals to save the environment. There are three broad sources of air pollution from human activities: When cars create this pollution they are also contributing to the ground level ozone, which is not the same as the atmospheric ozone layer; it is commonly known as smog.

Air Pollution - Ducksters Kids learn about air pollution and how it effects the environment and health. Pollution from vehicles gets revealed through symptoms like cough, headache, nausea, irritation of eyes, various bronchial problems and visibility and are due to discharges like CO, unburned HC, Pb compounds, NOx, soot and aldehyde, among others, from the tail pipes of vehicles.

The fuel burns through a process in which has no other positive feedback besides getting us from point A to point B. Vehicular Pollution problems in India There are three broad sources of air pollution from human activities: Hence the need of the hour is to come up with a public transport system, which can reduce number of vehicles thereby reducing congestion, and also caters to the increasing population.

Build an efficient public transport system More cars on roads mean more smog, increased pollution.

Essay on vehicular pollution how to save earth

People had been attempting to stop, or prevent it at least, to save the earth from dying but they were not successful. Since the rise of the advancement of awkward prepositional phrasing technology, pollution had already started its harm as well; awkward phrasing from the dropping of the first atomic bomb, which results to land, water, and air pollution, to the industrialized world that pollutes the entire earth.

Industries, power plants etc. This type of pollution does not just affect one are of the environment, but several What is vehicular pollution Stop Pollution - Save Environment Save Earth It could sometimes be pollution in the air or in the water or some other pollutionthat Toxic products like paints, automobile oil, polishes, and cleaning products Vehicular pollution in india Environment for Kids: Vehicles produce air pollution through petroleum based gasoline and diesel fuels that these cars use.

All motor vehicles exhaust fumes coming out of the tailpipe when the engine is running mostly through the air pollution issue.

The other gasses that are being emitted into the air are known as green house gasses and have a larger Vehicular pollution is the worst thing about that as vehicular emissions at ground level to where we are emitted in the breath can not be avoided. Vehicles on the roads contribute to air pollution in major way.

Introduction of battery operated or electric Some problems you do not see until it is too late to reverse. Vehicular pollution traces its source to fossil fuels that are burnt in mobile sources all categories of motorized vehicles. It is destroying and changing our ecosystem on which the whole natural habitat is depended and cause many traditional inhabitants to leave their inhabitants.

The metro has an average daily ridership of over a million commuters,[3] and has carried over a billion commuters in seven years since its inception. In order to prevent these natural disasters from destroying our planet, pollution should be surmounted.

Even newborn children can get affected. Tailpipe emissions of vehicle engines burning fuel, the products are emitted from vehicle exhaust system. When people say pollution, it does not only represent one aspects awkward phrasing but it occurs in three types: Air Pollution from Vehicles Jacqueline Alcantar University of Phoenix Kieste Mayfield October 24, Automobiles as well as other mobile vehicles are one of the largest contributors to polluting our air on a daily basis.

The worst thing about vehicular pollution is that it cannot be avoided as the vehicular emissions are emitted at the near-ground level where we breathe. Vehicle Pollution Introduction Urban areas - both developed and developing countries, this predominately mobile or vehicular pollution that contributes to air quality problems.

Older vehicles predominant in vehicle vintage. Pollution is the main reason behind skin cancers, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders.Dec 07,  · Save The Earth Ailing From The Vehicular Pollution Vehicles on the roads contribute to air pollution in major way. Most of the vehicle plying on road are fuelled by petrol and diesel emitting pollutants like Ozone gas, Nitrogen Oxides (NO), particulate matter, soot smog, carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide (SO2) etc These emissions Status: Resolved.

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• The city with the worst air pollution in the United States is Los Angeles. Effects on the Environment Air pollution and the release of gasses into the atmosphere can have many negative effects on the environment.

Natural Causes of Air Pollution Some sources of air pollution come from nature. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas. Check out our top Free Essays on Save The Ailing Earth From Vehicular Pollution to help you write your own Essay.

Save Earth, Save LifeStop essay on saving the ailing earth from vehicular pollution Global Warming The group of young and and socially concerned citizens have got crime and deviance essays together to begin the mission of saving.

Save the Ailing Planet from Vehicular Pollution Essay major source of air pollution in the urban areas. Vehicular exhaust, a by-product of fuel combustion contains potentially lethal chemical compounds such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur and unburnt hydro carbons.

Save The Ailing Earth From Vehicular Pollution Masthi Venkatesha Iyengar (Kannada:ಮಾಸ್ತಿ ವೆಂಕಟೇಶ ಐಯಂಗಾರ್) (June 6, - June 6, ) .

Essay on saving the ailing earth from vehicular pollution
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