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She begins to question about their uncertain future and his true feelings for her. This implies that there is a subject that no one truly wants to discuss, and is left there to fester within the subconscious of these two characters until they have finally reached their decision.

They have no responsibilities or schedules in their life.

Hills like White Elephants Essay

Another way the train station represents the tone is the change in what the girl sees alongside the hill as she abjures her previous statement and restates the hills no longer seem like white elephants but only appear that way through the trees.

They are dancing around the subject of abortion, but do not come out and say it or conclude the conversation. The second significant aspect of the setting is the Train station. Hemingway is known to do this in his works which allows the reader to interpret the story in a way that they see it.

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The beer was a way of escaping the serious discussion the two were trying to avoid. Hills Like White Elephants: This portrays a sudden change within the girl; from being very submissive to what the American suggests Reason why she sees the hills without trees and lifeless to questioning the reason for avoiding the true matters at hand Reason she now sees flaws in his logic and starts form optimistic views about how the baby should not have an effect on how their relationship functions.

In this tale, the less Hemingway says, the better.

Hills Like White Elephants Essays (Examples)

This shows that the woman is polite and is thankful for the service which helps us understand that she is good hearted and that might be why she does not want to have the operation. Hemingway continues with this impersonal objective narrative style throughout the story.

The child inside Jig will require unconditional care, love, and various expenses once it is born. The last smile is to the American as he walked through the beads after placing the bags by the tracks.

At this point they are to make an important decision about whether or not to keep the baby. The trees on this side of the station ultimately resemble the life she can hope for, but the other side of the station represents a promise of homogenous happiness.

And lastly the inclusion of a timeframe increase the amount of weight that is felt within the decision making process. Jig is not convinced.

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Even though she realizes the possibilities, she has difficulties letting go of old habits, has a low self-esteem that leads to her being submissive, and puts up a frail fight by hiding her feelings behind her sarcastic comments.

Also, the fact hills are large, could be refer The train is representative of two different directions if life, however is unclear whether this signifies that the man has changed his mind about the abortion, or that Jig has decided to go through with the operation and leave him so they have to live separate lives.

Most of the story is predominately dialogue between the two characters. This could mean that she wanted to keep the baby after seeing the beautiful landscape full of life while the man did not want her to think like that. The fields of grain and the river appeared to represent the progress that the American promised.

As you read the discussion between American and Jig you may not realize the descriptive language that deals directly with abortion. There are four main aspects of the setting that reflect upon the tone.

The American puts the bags on the fertile side, yet the train coming through the fertile side is the one they take to Madrid for an abortion. The second tone-related characteristic of this station was the drinking between the American and the girl.

In the short story Hemingway also uses the setting to help the reader understand what the man and woman are feeling and thinking as they await their train. He conveys that elements such as understanding, communication, honesty, and maturity, are essential to every healthy relationship.

For example, Hemingway never tells us that the American is perhaps an insensitive character who tries to manipulate the emotions of the girl, but it is surely implied.

Jig is love struck and torn.Free Essay: Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants presents a fictional example of the modern day prevalence of.

In this essay we will look at Earnest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” as an example of his use of the minimalist technique, what that technique is, and what its overall effect has on the reader.

Essays; Hills Like White Elephants; Hills Like White Elephants. His vivid descriptions of setting, though sparse, force the. Hills Like White Elephants Essay Earnest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” if read as written is a simple conversation about a couple drinking and taking in the scenery around a train station, but when broken down is actually a conversation about abortion.

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A setting is what makes most short stories come to life and in the short story, "Hills Like White Elephants," the setting is portrayed in a technique that enhances the reader's understanding of the story. Hemingway cleverly used the setting as a "cheat," informing the reader of what is actually.

Nov 27,  · The setting is one of the main ways literary elements that emphasize the opposition between the American and Jig to create tension in Hills Like White Elephants. The story is set in a train station, which is significant because it is manmade as opposed to a creation of nature.

Essay on hills like white elephants setting
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