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You can modify this number to change the sequence in which the components appear on the bill of material. To remove one of the items listed above, select the row and click Delete before you click OK. Therefore, the system treats zero batch sizes like variable quantity components, and treats batch sizes greater than zero like fixed quantity components.

Effectivity dates might not require an ECO process and are for smaller, shorter term or lower impact changes. Qty Per The number of units to which the system applies the transaction.

For Process Manufacturing, the system stores percent components. You can define different types of bills of material for different uses.

The system reads the bill type code on the work Eco revision header to know which bill of material to use to create the work order parts list. Component Sequence A number that indicates the sequence of the components on a bill of material.

Skip To fields allow you to enter a component line number that you want to begin the display of information. Revision levels include changes to form, fit, or function and should match on a bill of material and routing for the item.

If there are pending ECOs, the system displays and error message and does not update the revision level.

You can enter future effective dates so that the system plans for upcoming changes. It initially indicates the relative sequence in which a component was added to a kit or single level bill of material. Revision levels usually require an ECO and are for permanent, long term changes.

This value also determines if the component quantity is a percent of the parent quantity. When a component part goes into effect on a bill of material When a routing step goes into effect as a sequence on the routing for an item When a rate schedule is in effect The default is the current system date.

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You can update your bills of material with engineering change information using one of the following methods: An option is available Eco revision deselect related items on which you do not want to implement the change.

The Material Requirements Planning system determines valid components by effectivity dates, not by the bill of material revision level. These revision levels are user defined and for reference only.

Items that are no longer effective in the future can still be recorded and recognized in Product Costing, Shop Floor Control, and Capacity Requirements Planning. Using effectivity dates and revision levels Use effectivity dates to phase in and out any product or process changes.

You can track changes in a bill of material with revision levels. Batch bills of material must be type M for shop floor control, product costing, and MRP processing. Use the Revision Level field to display a revision history of the bill. From A date that indicates one of the following:Mar 06,  · Re: ECO (Engineering Change Order) Revision - Letter change or part number change?

I prefer the second method,which is more convenient especially in system. Of course, if the changed part is fully different from the original part. An engineering change order (ECO) is a documentation packet that outlines the proposed change, lists the product or part(s) that would be affected and requests review and approval from the individuals who would be impacted or charged with implementing the change.

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Eco revision
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