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If this program is adopted and the species is bred this way, I do not see a significant problem or issue. A prompt will appear. The status column displays if a topic is active or inactive. I am curious, though, as to what you meant by increasing the complexity of wing patterns.

These are all things you should be considering and responding to in your posts. The last reply column shows when the last reply was posted in a topic. If it were possible, I can see how a new species may arise, since the new population would likely come into little contact with the original coastal-dwelling population.

With the flat view, users can view responses with or without threads. Second response to topic 2.

To post a reply to a topic 1. By default the view is set to all topics. I agree with this topic. I absolutely love that show.

Can you think of a stimulating question to ask your classmate? Viewing Replies by User Replies can be sorted by user via use of the show replies pull down menu. I agree with this topic and the student user replies with: If you are struggling to find something to say in an open-ended response, try to pretend you are in a real, face-to-face conversation and that you really want to add something interesting.

To edit a posting, click on the edit button below the post on the view of the topic. Can you suggest some other application of the posted topic?

If a reply has been added to a post, it cannot be deleted or edited by a student. The posting order will show up as: Here are two examples of quality discussion board responses, plus an inadequate one. Why do you agree with this topic? Although indirect, improving the population of butterflies in order to increase plant pollination would be a commercially useful endeavor.

These views use one basic structure but differ in other ways. It adds nothing beyond generic pats on the back, and no biology content is discussed or questioned.

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Or would it be some other factor, such as realistically mimicking a face, or simply being vivid?View Notes - Discussion Board 2 – Reply 2 from BUSI BUSI at Liberty University. Running head: DISCUSSION BOARD 2 - REPLY 2 Discussion Board 2 Reply 2 Liberty University 1 DISCUSSION BOARD 2.

Watch this short, helpful video on how to reply on a discussion board in the Oral Roberts University Desire 2 Learn Web site. 2. Locate the discussion board within the list and click on the title. Post to a Discussion Forum 1. If an instructor has given students the ability to start a new topic within a forum, click Create Thread to make a post.

DISCUSSION BOARD: POST & REPLY Instructional Design & Technology Online. View Notes - Discussion Board 2 bmal reply from BMAL at Liberty University. Monica Buhrlage Corporate Communication Discussion Board #2 Reply BMAL Response to: Veronique Jones, Starbucks.

Here are two examples of quality discussion board responses, plus an inadequate one. Here's an example of a great reply: "This was an interesting read. It always scares the crap out of me when I hear stories that relate to me very directly as this one does.

Discussion boards give students the chance to participate in peer discussions using the online discussion board feature in Turnitin. The class discussion board allows students to suggest topics for approval by the instructor, reply to topics posted by the instructor, and reply to the posts made by students or instructors in a moderated discussion.

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Discussion board 2 reply 2
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