Charms strike the soul

You must put your house in order to see what i say to you now. She was a nun and was not considered a beauty but ordinary,plain looking woman. You have garroted the merit. If superficial charms, striking the sight, dominate the merit, then consider that seed of evil has been sown.

Most of them you will find unpalatable to your aesthetic sense. But by all means it scorns us. Last edited by Shooting Star; Monday, December 10, at However, contrary to this phenomenon, a well-recognized and quality product does not need such flattering tricks. Nowadays, an individual gains success through his personality and appearance.

Had charms stricken the sight, the merit would have been trampled. Cold wind of the burning deserts of Arab, o! She was one of the most beautiful princesses of history yet it was her piety deeds and humble nature due to which she is remembered even today with fondness, love and affection.

If charms are going to win your hearts, you will meet the same end Charms strike the soul of Haroot and Maroot. Zuleikha did not come up to the Charms strike the soul of Youssef as.

There was another historical figure of pious nature known as Mother Teresa. President and my audience charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul. The very presence of these two figures encourages me to assert that charms strike merely the sight but it is merit only that wins the soul.

Hazrat Bilal Habshi must be before your very eyes, who came up to the set standards yclept merit. This too suffices to prove that charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul. So being ugly, beautiful or plain does not matter as long as one has a pure heart and soul.

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The witnesses of the day, o! This is a famous quote of Alexander Pope and is true, indeed. We followed the former and we are suffering. Turn the coin the other way, you will find that charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul. In this superficial world,unjust society and monetary masses, you can win their hearts by cash not by good deeds.

The best example is that of Lady Diana. Cold coals smoldering under the delicate back skin of Bilal why are you silent? Go through the short history of Saracens, Syyed Ameer Ali will prove you that how charms of nepotism on Ameer Muaawiya brought an irreparable damage to Islamic state.

However, overall it is a fine attempt. Otherwise if irresistible charms of nepotism overhaul you, your administration will be the wood replete with bugs inside and relentlessly being dissipated to the very extinction of yours.

Why your purchasable independent candidates become dependent. When this faith will be affirmed the roof will be confirmed. It was his anticipation of the time to come when on American land merit was to win souls rather than formerly long held tradition of charms that struck the sight.

So ugly or not, beautiful or plain it does not matter as long as one has a golden heart and soul. Unfortunately, the society in which we live falls only for personality charm.

Each sentence should not find a new dimension. Look at the roof above your head. The dead ends due to charming strikes are obvious in form of current scenario of our society,where fake degree holder illiterates are your representatives, illiterate people are parliamentarian and ignorant are leaders,due to the game played by money and superficiality,not by merit.

Outside you may find yourself in your birthday dress. Such measures greatly improve the sale of product. Piety was merit; he came up to it.

“Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.”

Stay inside to avoid the cold whirling winds outside, stay inside and be the veterans of standing the wetting rains."Charm Strike The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul" Essays and Research Papers Charm Strike The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul eyes,the merit he came upto was not measured on the bases of physiognomy, creed, color, caste, or race.

Charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul Many people think from their eyes and do not bother to use their gray matter. This is very common observation that a well-dressed person is highly regarded by masses as compare to a modestly wearing person. Alexander Pope — ‘Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.’.

Nov 21,  · I Agree, Beauties fade with time. Charms strike the sight, get you to look. Merit wins the soul but can also lose the Resolved.

Jul 31,  · Charms of Youssef (AS) did strike her sight. To her merit might be the appearance. But appearance must not be the merit, and isn’t as well.

Men must be judged on the strength of character. Had she known his character and made that merit, she would have won his soul. This too suffices to prove that charms strike the sight but merit wins.

Mar 08,  · Glamorous world rushes toward sight striking charms and illusory charisma. This is not world of honesty, truthfulness and in fact it is merit which wins the souls not charms,a harsh reality to be accepted by the superficial people and is converse of their perception.

Charms strike the soul
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