Case study on asthma in bayview hunters point

Several nonviolent demonstrations and rallies were key in not only showing local government authorities that the organization was not willing to back down, but also drew media attention from both newspaper and television personnel. Some community residents are advocating the construction of the power plant due to the perceived economic benefits that it will bring to the local community and the San Francisco bay area.

It does not represent an endorsement of this approach by CDC. Its goals are to eliminate health inequalities and to diversify the public health and primary care workforce. At that time, the agency changed its name to the Hunters Point Family both to distinguish itself from the GIRLS program and to build a sense of family within the agency and throughout the Hunters Point community.

African American women living in BVHP are two to four times more likely to give birth to infants with serious birth defects and has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any zip code in California and a murder rate that rivals Washington D.

In fact, there are two Superfund sites along with other toxic sites within this densely populated community. Among all ethnic groups, African Americans in San Francisco have the highest rates of ischemic heart disease, stroke and all types of cancer.

This displayed the emotion that the group members felt and the lengths that these residents were willing to go to in their effort to increase awareness of their struggle. However, Bayview and Hunters Point are two separate communities each with significantly different demographics. At age 24 Lena completed her Masters Degree in Social Work in order to work toward enhancing the positive qualities of her community and mitigate the destructive ones.

The group gained assistance and formal recognition from the local government and the San Francisco Energy Company through legal representation.

Community Health Works was founded in by San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco to address health inequalities by linking academic institutions with communities.

Most activists were and still continue to be volunteers, with only one administrative assistant serving as a part time paid employee for the organization.

YES WE CAN Children’s Asthma Program

Rather than designing a controlled study, practices known to be effective would be implemented along with a solid evaluation of the Program. However, most troubling of all, is that BVHP has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any zip code in California.

SFEC has no plans of cleaning up this toxic site.

The answer, some experts believe, lies in the cumulative toll levied by stress from neighborhood conditions ranging from violent crime, drugs, slum housing, a dearth of grocery stores, a lack of political clout and living in a dumping ground for industrial pollutants.

In the agency launched the Peacekeepers program and in the agency adopted the Gilman Rec-Connect program. SAEJ should help to organize other local community and neighborhood organizations in the area. An executive committee of key organizers was formed to keep the organization focused on the struggle.

She developed the Hunters Point Family to utilize the strength of family ties and mutual support that helped her, and so many other young people, to survive the harsh realities of life in Bayview Hunters Point.

The plant will cause an additional deaths per year, according to the Bay Area Quality Management District. Hunters Point has the highest rates of unemployment Several rallies and demonstrations sent hundreds of concerned citizens to city hall, urging the Board of Supervisors to ban all new industries in the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Environmental Justice Case Study: San Francisco Energy Company in Bayview/Hunter's Point, CA

Federal or state governments, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, provide for cleanup of these sites using a federal Superfund bank. The SAEJ utilized the media and local newspapers to bring their struggle to the attention of local communities in the Bay.

Health Indicators for Bayview Hunters Point residents mirror the socio-economic indicators of the community. By forming one large organization, these groups were able to pool their experiences, resources, and goals for achieving a better community.

Group members, the "heart" of the organization, were largely responsible for implementing key tactics and making their voices heard. Serving as a resource in informal conferences as to how the SAEJ was formed, how this group achieved success, and other issues that arose throughout the struggle would help other grassroots organizations in their struggles.

Networking Networking with small groups and multinational organizations, such as Greenpeace, brought support and momentum in the fight against the proposed power plant. It is important that the SAEJ celebrate its success, and move on to face other struggles.

The proposed electrical plant in Bayview Hunters Point would produce electricity for consumer use and steam which would be sold to a seperate company for commercial use.

Recommendations Within a short period of time, seven neighborhood organizations came together to fight for their community and their health. Most importantly, the program was informed by the culture of the neighborhood, specifically to serve youth in Bayview Hunters Point.

The purpose of the case study is to share the experience of one community as they attempt to address the problem of asthma.

These groups also donated time in representing the SAEJ in administrative hearings.As a result, the asthma rate in Bayview-Hunters Point is especially high. One in every six children in the area is affected. [22] Int he E nvironmental Defense Scorecard reported the neighborhood to have four times more toxins released than any other San Francisco neighborhood.

Bayview Hunters Point In a city famous for its affluence, progressiveness and diversity, the neighborhood of Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) is an anomaly. Historically an African American community, Bayview Hunters Point is located in the southeast sector of San Francisco.

Asthma: What Bayview Hunters Point Families Face Inthe Asthma Task Force (an outgrowth of a task force founded by the Carver School, see below) conducted a community-initiated, community-led participatory action study of families of students attending the.

Our History

The hearing was called after The Chronicle reported that Bayview-Hunters Point hospitalization rates for asthma, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes and emphysema are per 10, residents. Bayview Hunters Point is a predominantly low income and minority neighborhood in the southeast corner of the San Francisco peninsula.

Contained in zip codethis community has been heavily burdened with toxics and hundreds of pollution sources, making Bayview Hunters Point the most industrialized neighborhood in San Francisco, California.

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Attorneys representing 38, residents of San Francisco's Hunters Point and Bayview neighborhoods in a lawsuit against Tetra Tech, the firm hired by the U.S. Navy to rid the.

Case study on asthma in bayview hunters point
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