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The Jews understood that, if the experiment of establishing a Jewish National Home succeeded and a sufficient number of Jews went to Palestine, the National Home might develop in course of time into a Jewish State.

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Political, social and psychological factors should be taken into account. The fellaheen are better off on the whole than they were in The Mandatory would undertake to support any requests for admission to the League of Nations which the Governments of the Arab and the Jewish States might make.

The development of self-government in the Arab world on the one hand is in accordance with British principles, and British public opinion is wholly sympathetic with Arab aspirations towards a new age of unity and prosperity in the Arab business plan british library. Meanwhile, the Government of Palestine, which is at present an unsuitable form for governing educated Arabs and democratic Jews, cannot develop into a system of self-government as it has elsewhere, because business plan british library is no such system which could ensure justice both to the Arabs and to the Jews.

A precedent is afforded by the exchange effected between the Greek and Turkish populations on the morrow of the Greco-Turkish War of In most forms of partnerships, each partner has unlimited liability for the debts incurred by the business.

But so vigorously and effectively was the task accomplished that within about eighteen months from the spring of the whole exchange was completed. Most corporations by letters patent are corporations sole and not companies as the term is commonly understood today. Restrictions on Jewish immigration will not solve the Palestine problem.

They would prefer larger schemes for the rearrangement of proprietorship under Government supervision. Military conventions would be attached to the Treaties, dealing with the maintenance of naval, military and air forces, the upkeep and use of ports, roads and railways, the security of the oil pipe line and so forth.

This offers a fair and practicable basis for Partition, provided that in accordance with the spirit of British obligations, 1 a reasonable allowance is made within the boundaries of the Jewish State for the growth of population and colonization, and 2 reasonable compensation is given to the Arab State for the loss of land and revenue.

The Mandatory Government would remain as a central or federal government controlling such matters as foreign relations, defence, customs and the like. Again, the Arabs are unlikely to accept such a proposal. The trouble is that they have proved irreconcilable, and this conflict is the more unfortunate because each of the obligations taken separately accords with British sentiment and British interest.

The answer to the question which of them in the end will govern Palestine must be Neither. If it should be agreed to terminate the Mandate and establish a Treaty System on a basis of Partition, there would be a period of transition before the new regime came into force, and during this period the existing Mandate would continue to be the governing instrument of the Palestine Administration.

The normal constitutional relationship between the central and local authorities is impossible in Palestine. A Frontier Commission should be appointed to demarcate the precise frontier.

Further expert enquiry is necessary before deciding whether a second deep-water port is required. A large mobile mounted force is also essential, whether in the form of a Gendarmerie or by increasing the British Mounted Police.

The Commission do not recommend that any attempt be made to revive the proposal of a Legislative Council, but since it is desirable that the Government should have some regular and effective means of sounding public opinion on its policy, the Commission would welcome an enlargement of the Advisory Council by the addition of Unofficial Members, who might be in a majority and might be elected, who could make representations by way of resolution, but who would not be empowered to pass or reject the budget or other legislative measures.Access free online resources from your local Florida Public Library.

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