Advantages and disadvantages of matrix type

This ensures that individuals from diverse departments make more sound decisions. They are responsible for regular operation of the project.

In addition, the cross-functional manager may lack the authority to make critical decisions -- which greatly impedes project progress. Sensory impressions are important, so strive to scatter them throughout the essay. Advantages of Matrix Organization Structure Better coordination and control The main responsibility of the project manager is to maintain coordination among interrelated factors of a particular project.

Matrix Organization Structure: Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides, it is essential to maintain a balance among these authorities to bring about uniformity in the organizational performance. While some form of matrix management has become fairly common in certain industries, particularly among companies that have multiple business units and international operations, upon closer inspection, different organizations implement a matrix structure in different ways to support their needs.

A freelancer for more than 20 years, Johnson has had the opportunity to cover topics ranging from construction to music to celebrity interviews. In todays workplace, employees are hired into a functional department a department that performs a specific type of work, such as marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources but may find themselves working on projects managed by members of another department.

This type of structure combines the flow of information from the line structure with the staff departments that service, advise, and support them Line departments are involved in making decisions regarding the operation of the organization, while staff areas provide specialized support.

In practical field, it is more difficult to maintain a balance among these authorities, especially if they have no positive attitude towards each other. The project manager will have authority over the administrative part of the project, such as what to do, follow-up on the schedule, evaluate the performance, etc.

The general manager of a plant in Kyrgyzstan producing computer monitors will report to both the head of the monitor producing division in Russia and the head of Kyrgyz operations. It is common to see the president or CEO working alongside the subordinates.

Matrix Organization : The Advantages And The Disadvantages

Instead of disassembling the functional structure to create this temporary project structure, the matrix structure retains the functional structure and superimposes on it a temporary project structure. Hence, a project manager is unable to make a commitment to achieve the project objectives in time.

According to a project managers degree of responsibility, matrix organization can be classified as follows He has to communicate both with the horizontal and vertical authorities so that the project work can be run smoothly. Miscommunication may result to dissatisfaction and ineffective management.

Highly skilled and capable resources can be shared between the functional units and projects, allowing more open communication lines which help in sharing the valuable knowledge within the organization.

This specialized information exchange allows managers to respond quickly to the needs of the customers and the organization business goals. Because the two organizations have different timelines — one relatively permanent, the other designed to expire with the completion of the project — the kinds of managerial discontent that can arise when a sub-unit in an organization "steals" employees to work on a project is muted.

Organizations have to pay extra to keep resources because not all resources will be occupied at all times. The matrix structure provides a good environment for professionals to learn and grow their careers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Matrix Organizational Structures in Business Organizations

The former divides departments within a company by the functions performed, while the latter divides them by products, customers or geographical location. On the other hand, a matrix organizational structure is everything that a hierarchical structure is not.

Without chains of command, decisions are made more quickly and the company becomes adaptable and able to move nimbly within the marketplace. To avoid the problems, frequent and comprehensive communication among project and functional managers is necessary.

This contributes valuable information that leads to employee satisfaction and increased motivation.3. What advantages and disadvantages of a matrix type organization are apparent from this case?

The matrix type of structure that M & M was following brings advantages and disadvantages both. Below are some notable advantages of matrix structure: I.

What is a Matrix Organization Structure?

Efficiency: The resources and employees can work in multiple projects or in the different division based on the expertise as in this case old was %(7). However, a matrix organization structure also introduces a higher level of internal complexity and some additional people management challenges, so there must be significant advantages to a matrix organization structure that outweigh the matrix people management challenges.

The matrix organization type is also used successfully by global companies. Global companies must achieve simultaneous coordination of various products in each country they operate.

Advantages and disadvantages of matrix structure Essay Sample

These companies use geographic and product lines of authority. The matrix structure blends the functional and divisional structures, gaining the advantages of both.

Each person belongs to a functional department such as production, reporting to a boss above. Advantages and disadvantages of matrix structure Essay Sample.

One of the advantages of implementing the matrix organizational structure in a business is. Jun 28,  · Matrix organizational structures propose two management structures in single organization: a functional structure, which may be hierarchical and permanent and a project structure that lasts for the length of the project.

Summarizes advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages and disadvantages of matrix type
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