A rainy day essay

Rainy Day Essay

The heat becomes more intense. Such a funny day came on Friday last. Thus they make merry. It rains hard and the wind hisses. The soothing smell of rain and cooling showers of rain make us feel so fresh. My mother gets me hot cup of coffee and we enjoy our coffee together.

I had to give up the hope of going to school. Clouds in the sky rains, when mansoon occurs. MyMemory in your language: It moves to and fro when the wind blows. After bath, I offered prayer and ate something. Rain comes down in torrents.

Additional information about a rainy day essay in english: The entire atmosphere fills with joy on a rainy day. Those inside the shops and buses were in no way better than those outside on the road who were getting wet in utter helplessness.

The design of this product is considered to the environment. It is also because there is a bonus that they get one interesting extra holiday.

Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

It brings comfort to us. Visibility was reduced to a few meters. I walk up to the river bank on a day like this. Sometimes we become in the school or school bus while its raining and then we enjoy with our teachers. Water entered the flats in the ground floor.

About a rainy day essay in english There was a sudden drop in the temperature. The whole region in drenched with rain. The weather outside was dark and gloomy.

A Rainy Day Essays

I came back to home after relaxing few minutes, washed my face with addition to ablution and took a bath. While some love walking in the rain, others love to drench and dance while yet others love the view sitting on their window sill. Houses and streets wash off their dirt.

Nature is beautiful and it has many forms, and scenes, each of which is different to one another and varies in their beauty. Rainy day is awaited by one and all as the weather on such a day is pleasant.

I later spend my whole day lying on sofa in my pajamas and watching my favorite movies. And i really love lots of blustery wind that makes the trees sway and the clouds race.

My class teacher scolded me for staring outside the window constantly.

Beautiful Essay on “A Rainy Day”

There are various opinions about it. It poured so heavily that even there headlights of the bus could not pierce the thick sheet of water pouring form the sky. I like greenery too much. A blinding wind adds to the misery of the boatman. And finally we get fresh cow or buffalo milk twice a day.

Rainy Season Essay

They worship Rain God, if it does not rain after and finally they get blessed with the rains. There would hardly be anyone who despises it. People become bored and inactive. I generally go outside with my family to have some enjoyment of the rainy season.A rainy day in winter, short, smart, and easy essay for kids in online classes.

A rainy day essay in english

We get a great opportunity to see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Whether it is raining or Sunny, the weather is the most important factor when deciding what to wear.

Rainy day essay is an important topic for class 5 or for other classes in school. So read this essay any try to write it in your own style. My Experience on A Rainy Day: Essays: School Essays: College Essays: English Essays. English for Students. Home; Confused Words; What is NEW?

My Experience on A Rainy Day. My Experience on A Rainy Day gives me sweet memories. Rains are blessings. There was a day when it rained and I did not like it.

It was a holiday and I had. Short Essay on Rainy Day is My Favorite Day – Essay 1 ( words) There are various seasons like summer, winter and monsoon. But out of all my favourite season is monsoon season or the rainy season. Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. Rain is the falling of water from the clouds coming back to the earth, which is taken indirectly by the sun. Rain is a very beautiful moment that can enhance any person, and is able to make many people to admit it as a great blessing of God.

A rainy day essay
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