2010 haiti earthquake

On the scientific scale that measures the magnitude or strength of an earthquake, the quake scored a magnitude of 7.

2010 Haiti earthquake

The IRC provided psychosocial care, medical assistance and legal counseling to survivors of violence. For years many people were living in tents, wherever they could find room.

They have been cursed by several tropical storms and natural disasters that have temporarily crippled their economy but none have been as devastating as this recent earthquake.

Works Cited Central America and Carribean: This photo by Kris Peterson depicts the devastating structural damage caused by the Haiti Earthquake. The country is still recovering. So many people died in such a short time, that they used dump trucks to haul the dead bodies to mass graves.

Our impact Within the first two years after the earthquake, the IRC reunited: At first, the Red Cross had guessed a much smaller death toll of 45,—50, The Dominican Republicwhich is next to Haiti, was the first country to give aid. IOM, 8 Oct Affected countries.

At first, the Red Cross had guessed a much smaller death toll of 45,—50, Built latrines, showers and safe water points. A few years before the earthquake, President Preval had asked Jean to become a "roving ambassador" for Haiti. In fact, agriculture alone employs roughly two thirds of the labor force Central.

This was not just because of the property damage and deaths from the earthquake. Almost 70, IDPs were not currently targeted by any return or relocation programs. Almost 80, people lived in 67 camps considered to be at particularly high risk of flooding, with an additional 30 camps at additional environmental risks.

Throughout its history Haiti has never been known as a wealthy country. Casualties Estimated deaths range from 45,—50, Red Cross up toHaitian government The Haiti earthquake was a very strong earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, We help those who are recovering from conflict and disaster seek protection from harm.

By mid, an estimatedpeople remained internally displaced in camps.

Haiti: Earthquakes - Jan 2010

After the earthquake, many charities and organizations asked people around the world to help Haiti. At leasthouses were badly damaged andwere destroyed by the earthquake. And countries promise money to help rebuild, but it takes a while to get the money, and in most disasters, only half the money that is promised is actually sent.

Unfortunately the Haitians that did survive now find themselves in a terrible predicament as far as employment goes. Finally, the few roads that were paved in Haiti were left cracked and flooded with cars damaged by the earthquake, making transportation in and out of Haiti nearly impossible.

Most hospitals in the area were destroyed, which made things much worse.

The IRC went to work to reunite children with their families, collaborating with the Haitian government and a network of international and local organizations to find, identify and register separated children.

Dead bodies were still being pulled from the rubble even as search and rescue teams worked feverishly to find anyone still living.The Haiti earthquake was a very strong earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, On the scientific scale that measures the magnitude (or strength) of an earthquake, the quake scored a magnitude of M w.

Health information resources for the Haiti earthquake. Compiled by Disaster Information Management Research Center, NLM, NIH. **THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. Economic Impact of the Earthquake Haiti is currently in a predicament that most country’s dream they never have to face.

On January 12. The quake that struck Haiti was the same strength as the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck San Francisco during the World Series.

Earthquake in Haiti

But Haiti's quake was miles below the surface. It was also just 10 miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince. The earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 Jan affected almost million people, including the entire population of million people living in the capital, Port-au- Prince.

The Government of Haiti estimates that the earthquake. Inthe International Rescue Committee responded to a devastating earthquake in Haiti that forced more than two million people from their homes.

2010 haiti earthquake
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